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6 Tips to Impress Your Potential Landlord

April 21, 2022

6 Tips to Impress Your Potential Landlord


You’re new to the rental market scene, and you’ve spent several weekends hunting for a place. When you finally locate one that’s exactly right for you, there are a dozen other people who want to check it too. You begin to stress, thinking about what you can do to distinguish yourself as the ideal prospective renter. But don’t worry! Although it may seem that getting an apartment is sometimes more competitive than getting into an Ivy League school, there are specific pointers that almost always work. We have done our research and now present you with the absolute best tips to impress your potential landlord and secure that place you’ve set your eye on.

How to impress your potential landlord – A guide

After you’ve found a property you want, you’ll have to go through the numerous levels of screening, references, and paperwork checks before you can settle in. Making the wrong impression on your landlord during these phases may result in your request being denied in favor of another prospective tenant. To avoid that, our True Property Management experts have the top tips for establishing a great initial contact with your landlord or renting agency.

1. Make sure you can afford the property

The landlord needs to ensure that you really can pay the rent. Gain the favor of potential landlords by knowing the highest rate you can pay based on your salary — only look at rentals at or below this level. To determine your maximum, first know how much money you make annually, including all income sources. Then, divide your total annual revenue by 40 to estimate your ideal budget.


Before you even begin house hunting, ensure you have enough money on the account to cover the deposit and first month’s rent. Not having enough money to pay for a deposit if you locate a house and want to reserve it could be very uncomfortable and ultimately resolve in losing the place. It will be critical to put down a deposit fast to get your ideal rental property.

2. Have all your paperwork in order

Most landlords will request a documented rental application. So, you will get a competitive edge if you can deliver it promptly. When it comes to renting out a residence, there are a few things that you must obtain. Furthermore, not having the paperwork on hand might create delays and potentially result in you losing out on another possible lease. Here are a few documents that will be required to guarantee the process goes well and without delays:

  • Financial details – Be ready to submit bank details for your checking, savings, and other bank accounts – potential landlords may want approval to conduct a review of your assets. If you need to offer your social security number for a credit check, be sure you have it handy. Keep your checkbook close, too.
  • References – Just like when seeking a job, you’ll need to have a list of references available for the landlord to check. References are frequently obtained from prior landlords and employers, colleagues, or friends. Make a list of at least three references and prepare their names, phone numbers, and email addresses. 
  • Information about pets – Provide a vet’s note proving that your pet is immunized if you’re relocating with your beloved animal. Be ready to disclose your pet’s breed, size, and weight.
  • Pro tip: Before you apply, know your credit score! Nearly every landlord and rental agency will do a credit check to assess if you have a good track record. You can impress your potential landlord by cutting a step there.

3. Present yourself well

Dress formally when visiting an apartment showing and meeting with the landlord. There should be no ripped jeans or worn-out workout attire. Think what you’d wear if you were meeting your significant other’s family for the first time. Business attire isn’t excessive; a crisp button-down with neat trousers can create a great first impression. Appearances are as crucial to your potential landlord as they are to hiring managers, and the statement you want to portray is, “I will take care of the apartment just as well as I take care of myself.” You don’t have to go overboard, but a neat look makes a big difference.

4. Show up on time

Nobody is impressed by waiting. A landlord will typically schedule showings in 10, 15, or 30-minute blocks, so you will throw off the entire schedule if you don’t show up on time. If you cannot attend your planned meeting, do call to postpone as soon as possible. Expect that you might not get another appointment because several other people are interested in the same property. The landlord will be impressed if you are the first client to arrive, prepped, and waiting with a smile.

5. Be open and honest

You need to stand out among other applicants to land your dream apartment. So, be truthful, especially regarding any financial concerns, judgments, or credit problems. Your landlord will most likely check your credit report, so tell them right away if you think they should know something. You should also notify them of potential roommates and pets. Landlords usually appreciate the honesty and would rather have that than unpleasant revelations later on.

6. Don’t be afraid to ask questions.

It’s always better to ask than to wonder. Arriving equipped with some questions to ask the landlord demonstrates your interest in the property while minimizing any complications occurring later in the tenure due to miscommunication.

To conclude

Following these six tips will show your potential landlord that you will be a reliable tenant with sufficient funding to cover the rent on time and take care of the unit. Overall, treat searching for a new apartment like job hunting. If you’re interested in the property, it’s critical to distinguish yourself from the rest of the applicants. To offer yourself the best chance to impress your potential landlord and be the one to sign the lease, you must be well-prepared, polite, and respectful. Good luck!

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