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6 Reasons to Choose an Off-Site Property Management in Costa Mesa, CA

October 23, 2021

6 Reasons to Choose an Off-Site Property Management in Costa Mesa, CA

Most property owners think that hiring an on-site property manager is the only way to go. But there are many reasons why off-site property management in Costa Mesa, CA can be a better and more profitable option for some homeowners. From perks like expert tenant screening and worry-free rent collection to the ability to live out of state and the cost-effectiveness of services like plumbing repairs, off-site property management in Costa Mesa can be more beneficial for business owners than having on-site managers.

Before you make any decisions about your rental properties or their management, check out these 6 reasons to choose off-site property management.

#1 Save Money with Fewer Expenses

Off-site property management Costa Mesa, CA companies are often much cheaper than on-site management companies. You may find that having an on-site manager is the equivalent of hiring a new employee as opposed to just contracting out management services. This may mean paying full salaries and benefits to the manager. Having an on-site manager isn’t

cost-effective for many properties.

#2 Improved Service for Your Tenants

Off-site property management companies have access to a large number of professionals, so they can rotate through their network to find the best technicians. Having a network of vendors of this size is simply not feasible for an on-site property manager who is either doing the handyman work themselves or hiring vendors intermittently.

#3 Worry-Free Rent Collection

A manager who works on-site can collect rent for you. Even though it’s useful to have someone else do the dirty work – such as knocking on doors, depositing checks, and issuing late fees – today’s property management companies also provide an array of additional services and streamlined rent collection methods.

You control cash flow with tenant-friendly features like simple online payments that automate manual and physical processes. At True Property Managers, we have a “Tenant Portal.” Tenants log in and easily make payments. The result is consistently on-time cash flow and happy renters.

#4 Expert Tenant Screening

A property owner’s most challenging task is screening tenants and filling vacancies. It’s crucial that you place residents as quickly as possible in order to earn income, but you cannot afford to be careless in your selections. It may actually end up costing you more money if your tenant breaks the lease or damages the house.

The manager usually cannot do anything about renting your unit to prospective tenants beyond showing it to them. The tenant screening process is significantly different at a large off-site agency. Their extensive database of renters provides you with smart, predictive decisions regarding the perfect tenant for your property based on criminal history, past landlord disputes, and historical renter information. In addition to providing you with the best tenants, this procedure is faster and simpler.

#5 Portfolio Growth

One of your top priorities as a property owner is building your portfolio. A challenge to scaling is on-site management. A resident manager can only manage one building at a time. The more properties you own, the more points of contact you may have, and the more time you spend managing managers, the less time you have for other high-value opportunities.

Off-site property management in Costa Mesa, on the other hand, can manage your properties regardless of how many you own. With a single point of contact, you can supervise operations for your entire business. Having an effortless way to build your portfolio of properties makes logistics easier.

#6 Experience

Communication and ideas are exchanged between managers at an off-site management firm. The manager will be more likely to make the most appropriate management decisions and come up with the best solutions to meet your property’s needs. At True Property Managers, our large team of experts means a large pool of experience, information, and advice.

Managers based at the company’s main office may also have access to a wider range of outside professionals who can prove useful as partners for property investors. The work they do involves working with legal counsel, insurance companies, financial advisers, and other parties that are crucial in the real estate investing process. Your properties will prosper with access to those resources, and your legal and financial mistakes will be minimized.

Save Time and Money

Choosing an off-site property management company for your investment properties is a decision that will undoubtedly save you time and money. With the perks outlined above, it’s clear there are many advantages to outsourcing your most challenging tasks. If you’re interested in learning more about how we can help with off-site property management in Costa Mesa, CA or any of our other services, let us know! We would love to chat with you about how we could work together. Call today at 866-957-6677!

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