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Recharge Your Rental With These Tips

August 31, 2021

Recharge Your Rental With These Tips

If you are new to the income-producing property business and looking for information on whether to turn your house into a rental home or are simply looking for ways to make your rental stand out, keep reading for ideas to make it happen.

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Choose the Right Rental Partner

Unless you live nearby and have plenty of time to devote to managing a property yourself, you’re going to need a great property management agency like True Property Management, which offers a streamlined experience with reliable, around-the-clock support for you and your guests.

A property management company can ensure that your home stays clean and in good shape. This is essential since cleanliness and condition are the first things renters notice. Your property management team can take care of the structure and grounds whether you’re using the home for personal pleasure or plan to open it up for nightly or weekly vacationers.

Regardless of whether you work with a property manager, it’s important to establish yourself as a business, and an LLC can be the best choice in this situation. A limited liability company enjoys the protection of personal assets as well as tax advantages. You can find detailed instructions on how to formalize your entity through a site like ZenBusiness.

Accentuate the Amenities

Your property will have features that make it a better option for some renters over your competitors. But if you do not play up it’s best amenities, then you can really be missing out. For example, if you have a great view but old, clouded windows that won’t come clean or open, you (and your renters) can’t enjoy the property entirely. This Old House asserts that it takes about five hours to replace a picture window, but this investment of time and money will pay off in the enjoyability of the home, apartment, or cabin. Similarly, make sure the color scheme throughout your rental takes advantage of natural light and plays well off the surrounding scenery.

Another example of enhancing the property’s features would be to fully equip a large kitchen with everything vacationers need to handle mealtime without dining out. If you are unsure of which dishes and equipment to put into your kitchen, start with the basics. Pots and pans – preferably enameled cast-iron, which is durable and easy to clean – plates, glasses, forks, knives, and spoons, and serving utensils are a great start. However, don’t shy away from including a high-end coffee maker, blender, and additional pieces.

Satisfy Their Slumber

People rent private properties to have a comfortable place to stay away from the hustle and bustle of hotels. Make sure they can get plenty of rest and have room to spread out both day and night. If you only have two bedrooms, put bunk beds in at least one. NY Mag’s The Strategist has compiled a list of the best budget, overall, and wooden bunk beds. Before pulling the trigger, make sure they can accommodate people of all ages and sizes.

Another crucial element to the success of your rental is the comfort of the mattresses. Remember, a comfortable and supportive sleep surface is not a luxury but a necessity. If your visitors can’t get cozy under the covers, they are unlikely to return and more likely to warn other vacationers of their Princess and the Pea-like experience.

There is much more that goes into creating the perfect rental than a single blog post can ever possibly hope to cover. However, the above tips cover a few of the basics and can put you on track to creating the vacation home of your dreams, which is one that you can enjoy when you use it and make money off of when you don’t.

Article courtesy of Tina Martin

Image via Pixabay

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